Sunday, March 13, 2016

Yesterday's Clouds

Yesterday's Clouds 
As we headed west during yesterday’s run
Clouds in the sky got our attention.
Most often on runs at that early hour
It is clouds in the east that have that power.
Often times purple and sometimes blue
Against a pink and pastel-y hue
Of the sunrise over the reservoir
Or over the water in the harbor.
But yesterday the entire bank of clouds
Seemed like it stood still and stood out
And the break between the clouds and sky
Was cleaner that anything that had ever caught my eye.
To the north and directly above us, light blue
Looking further west then, a darker hue.
The sky not yet fully lit by the sun
Given how early we’d met for our run.
And then to the south of the blue shades
Was a sharp white line at the edge
Of a cloud bank extended as far as I
Could see to the south in the morning sky
And beyond that sharp line was mostly gray
For a cloudy start to a busy day.
The edge between the clouds and clear
Was sharp and fine and not a smear
That one often sees with wispy clouds
That do not have lines that make them stand out.
And besides making a comment about the sky
I did have a question in my mind
Wondering what else might be as clear
Was there something far or something near
That I had been pondering for some time
Seeking to make reason or rhyme
Of something that otherwise seemed not to make sense
That might suddenly come off the fence
Of balancing in uncertainty
And instead be clear for me to see.
Or perhaps that wasn’t the meaning of what I saw
Maybe it wasn’t a sign at all
Maybe it was just a random event
A glimpse of clarity for a moment
To simply remind me to clear my brain
So that I can better ascertain
The answer to questions that float in my mind
The ultimately depend on my having the time
To sketch, to ponder, and sort out
What each one is truly all about
The world is not here to provide clarity
If anyone will make sense—it must be me.
The world provides so much from which to choose
But only I can choose to win and not to lose
Whatever happens I can learn and grow
That is the one thing I clearly know.
As clear as the line in the clouds yesterday

Reminding me to find clarity in my way.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Radiating Joy

I heard an interview with Yo-Yo Ma on a public radio program called On Being this morning.  In the discussion, the interviewer noted that one of her producers had seen Yo-Yo Ma up close and that he radiated joy when he played.  I hope I radiate joy most of the time.  Energy and positivity.  About my running.  About my professional activities.  About my family.

I know I am not perfect.

I know I have down days.

I know I may even drag others down sometimes.

But my goal is to live what I heard about Yo-Yo Ma this morning--to radiate joy.  For others to share.

In my family life, in my professional life, in my personal life, and in my volunteer life.   

Friday, March 4, 2016

Some Running Verse

Running in Gentle Flurries
Overnight snow
Pretty on the tree branches
Softly on the grass
Flurries falling from the sky
The sidewalk is mostly wet
The streets are only wet.
I wear my bright colors
Yellow running tights
Black and yellow shirt
White and red hat
Orange and black gloves
Florescent green shoes.
I begin slowly.
Looking for hills
Based on the workout
Assigned by my coach.
But today I am more worried
About safety than about hills.
Streets that are well lit.
Streets that are not too heavily traveled.
An opportunity to just run.
Not to push myself.
Not to think too hard.
Mostly to let my muscles
And my brain
I run the six miles
At an average 9:15 pace
And I clear the clutter
From my brain
Making me ready
For another day of much interaction
At the office,
At dinner,
At a concert.
And life is good.