Friday, March 4, 2016

Some Running Verse

Running in Gentle Flurries
Overnight snow
Pretty on the tree branches
Softly on the grass
Flurries falling from the sky
The sidewalk is mostly wet
The streets are only wet.
I wear my bright colors
Yellow running tights
Black and yellow shirt
White and red hat
Orange and black gloves
Florescent green shoes.
I begin slowly.
Looking for hills
Based on the workout
Assigned by my coach.
But today I am more worried
About safety than about hills.
Streets that are well lit.
Streets that are not too heavily traveled.
An opportunity to just run.
Not to push myself.
Not to think too hard.
Mostly to let my muscles
And my brain
I run the six miles
At an average 9:15 pace
And I clear the clutter
From my brain
Making me ready
For another day of much interaction
At the office,
At dinner,
At a concert.
And life is good.  

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