Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Fallen Tree

In the early part of a run
Begun before 6 AM
On a familiar street
In a familiar part of town
We saw that a tree had fallen.
The tree looked like a strong tree.
Tall, good trunk, not sickly.
The tree was, in fact, in bloom.
Yet, when the tree
Met the strong winds
That had been blowing through the night
It was clear who won.  
The winds.
The tree spanned the street,
Preventing cars from passing.
Lucky for the cars
That were on the street,
It looked like the most damage
Would have been
Some scratches to the side of a truck
From the top and smallest branches
Of the tree.
And it is sad to see a tree ffallen.
And it is amazing to think of how long
The tree stood there.
Perhaps longer than either of us has been alive.
But when conditions were not
In the tree’s favor, the tree could not change.
Could not shift.
Could not turn itself away.
Could not protect itself from 
The whims of the winds.
While as runners—even as people—
We can adapt.  Change.  Shift.
Plan.  Resist.  React.
All characteristics that allow us
No matter how vulnerable one may feel
When running against the wind
To be there another day
While the tree that stood tall
And appeared mighty
No longer is there. 

So, I count my blessings.

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