Sunday, May 8, 2016

Perfect Run

Perfect run
At the end of a rainy week
On a Sunday morning
On which I was meeting someone with whom to run. 

I was closing out 180 miles in three weeks.
Including two peak weeks in ultra-marathon training.

My legs felt tired.
My spirit was weary.
But I knew that finishing the training was the most important part of preparing for the race.
And the opportunity to run with someone on a third day of the week had been unexpected.

The time was early enough not to interfere with the day
But not so early as to feel insane.
The temperature was warm enough not to need more than shorts and a tank or t-shirt,
But not so hot to lead to breaking out in a crazy sweat.
The pace was comfortable,
But not slow.
The sun was up to light the way,
But not so much to feel like it was beating down and burning fare skin.
The conversation was easy,
But the silences were not uncomfortable.
There were hills to challenge,
But not so many to wipe out.
The course was familiar,
But not boring.
It took about an hour, 
But gave the opportunity to go directly to the farmer’s market afterward.

And despite being a course
That we have run almost weekly
For two years,
We saw something new—
A series of older adults with luggage,
Waiting to be picked up
Waiting to go somewhere.
Making us wonder.
Making us ponder.
Seeking answers about them.

Running is an activity that allows me to seek
My own answers
Day after day
Week after week
Year after year.

Trying to figure out what all this effort tells me.
Easy to ponder

On a perfect morning for a run.

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