Monday, September 26, 2016

A few more wedding reflections

Just a few more random wedding reflections from this weekend:

First, I did not realize that Shane's best man would have described him as the quiet kid with the loud dad.  I can imagine the latter, knowing my uncle.  I did not know Shane well enough to comment on the former.  From the several chances I have had to interact with him, I think we'd get along well if we were in the same place at the same time more often.

Second, I consider Shane to be the first in the "second group" of cousins in my generation to get married.  My generation on my mom's side of the family spans from me to a child who's younger than 18.  The first four of us are married.  I'm not sure where the fifth one to get married is in the order of the dozen cousins.  But Shane is six and begins to represent the start of the rest.  Fun to see that.

Third, if a person had told me 15+ years ago when my sister got married if some day we'd be standing at a wedding reception with alcohol in hand and discussing lapel pins and how to take eggs out of cartons in the proper order I would have told that person that he or she was nuts.  Nevertheless, that is what the discussion was about, in part.  Guys talking accessories and thinking about whether to take the eggs from front to back in whatever order or in a specific order to balance them.  Apparently, I have more in common with my brother-in-law than I realized.

Fourth, older adults (20+ years on us) who can take a bus back to the hotel after a wedding reception can get just as tipsy and silly as young adults who drink too much at a wedding--if not more.  One of those older adults gave a flattering comment telling me and Sherry that we didn't look old enough to have a 20 year old.  I hear that a lot.  I had gotten another complimentary age comment recently.  It was a morning running on the promenade downtown.  There happened to be multiple pairs of runners in which one was male and one female.  My training partner and I passed another pair (who had been passed by a third) and the male commented, "It's couples running morning."  My training partner was quick to point out, "More like father and daughter," but she then added just to me that I should take that as a compliment that they thought I looked that young.

Fifth, every wedding reception seems to have a song where you just say, "Does that belong here?"  At Sherry's and my wedding it was "I've Got Friends in Low Places."  At Shane's, I just wasn't sure that "Run Around Sue," while being fun to dance to, was appropriate for a wedding.

Finally, the number of other weddings or discussions of weddings I reflected on was amazing.  Shane's parents.  Mine.  My sister's.  Jackie's.  My other cousin Brian.  And a discussion I had with Lauren about a year ago.

All good.

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