Monday, November 14, 2016

2000 Miles

So, today, I reached a milestone for the second time in my life.  This is the second calendar year in which I have run at least 2000 miles.

The first time I did this was in 2014.  At the start of 2014, I set out specifically to pass 2000 miles.  That year it took me until November 23.  I reached 2000 miles when I finished mile 20 of the Philadelphia marathon that year.  And I ran another 222.2 miles so that I ended the year at 2222.2 miles.

This year, I did not begin the year with a goal of 2000 miles.  I began the year with a goal of running an ultra-marathon.  Along the way I reached 1000 miles faster than I had before and by Memorial Day, I had run a marathon as part of my training and an ultra marathon.

At that point, I didn't think I was going to race anything longer than a 5K for the rest of the year.  But over the summer, I kept up the miles and when it was clear that I could jump into the Baltimore Running Festival marathon, I decided to run that.  So, I accumulated miles and just kept on going and I have continued to accumulate miles since the Baltimore Running Festival.

For quite some time, my projected miles for the end of the year have been more than 2222.2  And I had begun to focus on my goal of 10,000 logged miles by Easter weekend 2017.  So, yesterday when I recorded my mileage and I realized that I was at 1994, I was quite surprised.

Today, my workout was a "nervous energy" workout.  I didn't really need a track workout, but I ran 6x400 to get out a lot of nervous energy that I had for reasons related to work.

When I was done running to Gilman, doing my track workout, running home, and taking the dog around the block, I had run 6.7 miles and ended up at 2000.7 miles at the end of today.  It was pretty much like any other day, but it sets the stage for a great end of year mileage.  I don't have a particular goal other than to keep up approximately 6 miles per day on average which should put me near 2300 miles.  I am not going to specifically shoot for 2300 miles, but I will take whatever comes.

I have enjoyed running occasionally with Joselyn, once with Jackie, often with Kristen, and frequently with Lauren.  I've run a few times with Dee and once or twice with Ivona.  I've picked up a new regular running partner (Nicole) who helps me run a bit faster than my usual with Lauren but slower than Kristen.  That is a nice in between pace and is healthy.  The biggest challenge is that running with someone who works retail can be challenging.  I ran my first full marathon staying with one runner the whole time.  I got back to running with Back on My Feet.  I did the Sneaks Come Out at Night race for the first time.

I look forward to many more miles this year and going into the future.  Some with each of the partners mentioned above, some alone, some with the dog, and many just to clear my mind.  I may run more 2000 mile years.  I will never start the year with that as an explicit goal, but if I maintain my average of 6 miles per day for the foreseeable future, I will hit it again and again and continue to accumulate miles and achieve goals for years to come.  

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