Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My First Donation

Yesterday, I had my first friend tell me that she had made a donation to Sharp Dressed Man on my behalf.  Since the system is not set up like so  many of the other big charities, the only way that the organization will know is if I tell them, and without some help, I'll never know exactly what was donated on my behalf.

But my big goal is $100 for every mile of the race.  So, if I can get friends to donate a total of $5500 that would be great for the organization.

It felt amazing to get that first email.

And now, I have at least one person with whom to share my writing when this adventure is done.  I have maintained my commitment to a comment on each day for 49 days now.

In the same way that the race will require commitment--every step on the way to the race requires commitment as well.

I also wanted to share a picture from before the new year of my first visit to Sharp Dressed Man's facility on Park Ave.  Thanks to Cheff Cheffers for the photo with me (sporting clothes from Christopher Schafer) with Chris on my left and Set on my right.  These guys are making it happen.  My next step is to go beyond meeting these two who have done so much to get it started and to meet the new executive director.  I'll report on that once it happens hopefully in the next week.

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