Sunday, January 17, 2016

Each has their own gifts

Today, I went to church, even though we are at a hockey tournament.  Why did I do this?  For the same reason that I run five or six days a week.  For the same reason, that I am trying to make sure more often now that I do all the yoga, and stretching, and strengthening each day.  It is a part of leading life.  Life requires some degree of constancy to form habits and establish patterns to lead myself toward the achievement of goals.  

Leading a life that is consistent with a religious practice is a god.

Running as an activity for life is a goal.

Completing Comrades is a goal.

Career success and being a good parent are goals.

Since I did go to church today, I listened very carefully to the readings.  In today's second reading in the Catholic church (1 Cor 12:4-11), Paul lists nine gifts of the Holy Spirit and the fact that each person is given some for a reason.  

Why is this important?

First, it makes clear that each of us has something.  I am blessed to have a lot.  Second, I like to think of it as what is given can be adjusted over and over throughout life.  The gifts that I am given at one point are not necessarily the gifts that I will have at all points.  I am asked to use different gifts at different points in time.  Third, it gives me reason to explore--what are the gifts I have and how can I use them?  Whether they are gifts of the Holy Spirit or just gifts that I see in my life.  

I love to be generous with my time.  (The homily today talked about how we who honor a generous God should be generous.)  I love to inspire.  I love to encourage.  I love to be present.  

All of those help me to follow my dream of a way to live.  A way to love.  A way to share.  A way to care.

And all of these are things that are captured in the pursuit of the dream of running Comrades.  (My dream, others sharing my dream, and everyone hoping that I succeed and helping me to succeed.)  And all of these are things that are embodied in Sharp Dressed Man and what it does to help men who need a reboot in life.  To have a chance to share their gifts in a way that is more positive than negative.  

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