Monday, July 18, 2016

A Little Bit of Everything

Over the past two weeks, I have experienced what I would like to call a little bit of everything in my running.  Here's how.

Last weekend, I did what turned into an eight mile tempo with my Wednesday training partner.  Haven't done that in a long time.  My coach usually had me run progressions rather than tempos and that is further than I've gone at anything sub-8 since the Gettysburg Marathon.

Then on Sunday last weekend, I did my first real trail run.  Nine miles.  Slow but good.  Seeing a different aspect of running.

This Saturday, I ran 14 with Lauren, with whom I've put in tons of miles in the past four years, and her mom.  Including Dee led us to an easier pace than we would otherwise have taken, but I also got to see a route in the city I'd never run before.  That was fun.

Yesterday, I ran 3.2 with my dog (long for her in this heat) and then finished 4 total making this the first 18 mile weekend since Comrades.

Today, I ran 6 miles in "three acts."  I switched my Wednesday training partner to today because I want to participate in a Back on My Feet event on Wednesday.  She wanted to do only four and the heat and humidity were just as present as ever in the past three weeks today.  So we opened with 7:43 and 7:45.  Quick, but not too fast.  Then, as we returned from just past Little Havana in Federal Hill, we picked up the pace serious and ran 7:26 and 7:23 for the last two miles.  After that, I ran 8:45 and 8:30 as cool down to finish out my six for the day.

A little bit of everything.  Some same paths.  Some new.  Different people.  Different days.  Different paces.  

All challenging.  

All making me feel alive through running. 

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