Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Where Do We Belong?

The seagull seemed out of place
Or at least in a place one is not often there to see
On Baltimore near Exeter
With other local birds, all appearing hungry.
It was while we ran east on Baltimore,
Headed back to Patterson Park,
After a run that took us to the Jones Falls
Starting while it was still a little dark.
And we noted how unusual
It was to find the seagull there
Rather than at the Inner Harbor or the bay
Or perhaps the seashore.  Someplace where
One would expect to find other gulls
Perhaps an entire flock
Rather than just the lonely one
There near the corner of the block.
And as we ran closer to the gull
It rose up and made its sound
Telling us it was not happy
That we were even around.
So, to him we must have appeared
Just as much out of our place
Running so early in the heat
With only one training for a race.
And perhaps there really is not absolute
Place in which we should truly be
And so it is just a question of
How often we are there to see.
And where we should truly be is not so much a place
As in relation to others who
Share the love and joy and passion
Like the gull’s flock we find our “tribe” so true.
And so in the end the most important note
Was that the gull was not with others of its kind.
It needed to return to its flock
As much as any person needs to find
The tribe to whom he or she relates
The one or group providing love and being there
To help the person to self-actualize
To love, to care. To help and to share.

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